Exclusive Scavenger Hunt Location Cheats

For those of you who need help finding all 8 paper boats in the Club Penguin Scavenger Hunt, we have the answers for you.  You will need to collect all 8 pieces in order to make your treasure map.  The map will reveal the location of a hidden item that you will need to dig up. So here are all the paper boat items as we found them on Club Penguin.

Paper Boat 1: The forest…

Paper Boat 1 in the Forest

Paper Boat 2: The Beach above the Lighthouse Door…

Paper Boat 2 at the Lighthouse

Paper Boat 3: The Snow Forts…

Paper Boat 3 at the Snow Forts

Paper Boat 4: The Hidden Lakes…

Paper Boat 4 at the Hidden Lakes

Paper Boat 5: At the Plaza on top of the Pet Shop…

Paper Boat 5 on top of the Pet Shop

Paper Boat 6: In Town at the Coffee Shop…

Paper Boat 6 at the Coffee Shop

Paper Boat 7: Ski Village above the Tour Guide Booth…

Paper Boat 7 above the Tour Guide Booth

Paper Boat 8: The Iceberg on the tree…

Paper Boat 8 at the Iceberg in a tree

Once you have all the Paper Boats you will be able to build your treasure map.  Piece the map together like the photo below and you will be rewarded with a new background.  But don’t stop there……

Piece together your map like this

Once you are done you can see that the secret area is at The Cove.  Use your Hard Hat and Jack Hammer to dig up this special item!!!! X MARKS THE SPOT!!!!

X marks the spot!!!!

Good Luck and Happy Hunting on Club Penguin Island.  ARRRGGGHHHH!!!

New Adventure Clothes Catalog in the Gift Shop

Club Penguin has issued a new calander that is available today at the Gift Shop.  While there are many cool outfits for boys and girls we are only going to show you where the secretly hidden items are.  The first secret item is located on page 6.  On the right side of the page there is a plate of grapes.  Click on the grapes to reveal the “Duchess” dress and hat.

Hidden items "Dutchess" hat and dress. Click on the grapes to the right to reveal these items.

The next hidden items are on page 7.  The “Beautiful Braid” and “Emerald Dress” can be found by clicking on the gold stitching in the curtains on the left hand side of the page.

Click on the gold curtain stitching on the left hand side to find the "Beautiful Braid" and the "Emerald Dress."

On page nine look for the stones in the wall just right of the Penguin Knight in armor to reveal the “Green Hooded Cloak.”

Click the stones to the right of the Knight to find the "Green Hooded Cloak."

On page ten you will find two coffee cups in the middle of the page.  Click on the cup to the right to find the “Viking Helmet.”

Click on the right coffee cup in the middle of the page to find the "Viking Helmet."

On page eleven of the Club Penguin catalog look for the purple dance square located at the bottom left hand side of the page.  Click this square to reveal the “Green Face Paint.”

The "Green Face Paint" can be found by clicking the purple floor sqaure at the lower left bottom of the page.

Furniture Catalog Hidden Items Revealed

In case you were wondering how we figure out these hidden items. We have a secret about that and will reveal it now! We move the mouse cursor over everything on every page until we see something that is not for sale is clickable (click-able) and then we click it! Wow, are we not great or what!

Some items you can find hiding in the catalog:

  • Aquarium
  • Green Birdhouse
  • Welcome Mat




Also, you can get some cool new posters:


What is your favorite catalog item?

Penguin Style – February Catalog Secrets

It is very late here as we make this post, but wanted to show all the parents out there how many kids are staying up late just to be the first to buy new items from the Penguin Style Catalog on Club Penguin!


Okay, now on to what you can find this month on club penguin for the Penguin Style Catalog Hidden Items!

  • Blue Viking Helmet
  • Red Viking Helmet
  • Fruit Headdress
  • Pink Pom Pom
  • Red Hoodie
  • Russian Hat
  • The Spikester
  • The Spikette
  • Yellow Scarf

Not to sound a little annoyed, but is there anything new here or did I miss something! Someone please tell me I missed something. Here are some photos to help you see where to click to find the club penguin secrets in this months catalog:









The Stage – Fairy Fables (its not just for girls)

Okay, the title of the stage “Fairy Fables” sounds a bit like a “just for girls” play! but you gotta love the new Costume Trunk with the “Big Bad Wool” costume.

Play around with the Switchbox 3000 and see all the cool effects! Memorize your lines and get ready for a world of fun.

Oh yeah, there is a hidden item the “Silver Wand” see the photos below for the cheat on how to find it.

Better Igloos – November & December Catalog

Better Igloos on club penguin is selling Christmas items (though I would like to have seen a Turkey or a pilgrim).

There are some new items and as well as some hidden items. Here are the hidden Items

  • Leaning Tree
  • Music Stand
  • Welcome Mat