Club Penguin News Contest Winners….

We have selected the winners for the Club Penguin News Contest!!! Be sure to check your email to see if you have won.  Soon we will announce the penguin names of the winners for everyone to see.  We would like to congratulate all of you for your wonderful answers.  All the answers were so good that we had a very difficult time chosing the winners.  Good luck to you all and be sure to check back with Club Penguin News all the time to see if we have a new contest.  Who are those lucky winners????? We will find out soon……..

Who are the Club Penguin News Contest Winners?


Thank you so much to P Linz1 and other penguins for all of their help.  You helped us come up with a great idea for our next contest.  For this contest we are going to ask you another question. The question is “what is your favorite thing to do on Club Penguin?” Now remember to think hard and give us an original and creative idea.  In a few weeks the winners will be selected and announced.  To answer the question just post a comment to this post.  We will look forward to all of your answers.  Good Luck!!!!!

Thanks for helping with our New Contest!!!!

Club Penguin Contest Winners!!!

First we would like to thank all of you penguins out there who participated in our contest.  There were so many great answers that it was very difficult for us to make a decision.  We want to congratulate frostycake91, bexiekay1, and tinkeremoBELL for their outstanding answers.  We hope you enjoyed the contest and we want to encourage you to always check back with us at Club Penguin News because we will be hosting more NEW CONTESTS.  REMEMBER to come back often because you never know when you will have another opportunity to win on Club Penguin News!!!!

Congratulations Club Penguin News Contest Winners!!!

Membership Contest Winners????

Recently we selected three winners for our Club Penguin News Contest, however, we have not heard back from all of them yet.  If you entered an answer to the contest then make sure that you check your email to see if you are a winner.  If you are, email us back so that we can give you your prize.  We can only wait one more day for you to respond.  After that we will have to select a different winner.  Stay tuned all you penguins!!!! You never know if you might be our next lucky winner!!!

Check your email to see if you are the winner.

Club Penguin Contest ENDS SOON!!!

We want to thank all of the Club Penguin players who have taken the challenge of our contest. There have been many great ideas and it has been difficult to choose the winners.  We have reviewed every one of your responses and we are now in the process of selecting the few winners.  We will post the winners in the next few days so make sure that you get your answers into us as soon as possible.  Try to be original and creative.  The best answers will win.  Good Luck!!!

Club Penguin News Contest ENDS SOON!!!

Winner of the 1 Month Membership Giveaway!

We have a winner! Our winner guessed it down to just minutes of our arrival! Here is what they have to say:

Penguin’s name is: Cherrim77 (say hi when you see me!)

I have friends who live in hawaii, so i know we’re three hours ahead of them.  Plus when they come to visit, their flights usually take about five hours.  So i just added eight hours to the time your flight left.  The only thing i wasn’t 100% sure of, was whether or not your four night stay started on the day you left – the 12th.  i just guessed it did.

I totally love the club penguin news web site!  I really like all the hints and tips your site offers to help penguins find hidden items or new pins.  Also, just to ‘hear’ about new things happening.  I use it as my ‘go-to’ source to find out what’s going on.  I also think you should continue having contests for free memberships and card-jitsu codes.  Please don’t let the negative few (or many), affect the decision of the contests!  they are a lot of fun and gets everyone involved.
Thanks again for the one-month membership!

It is Almost Time for the 6 Month Giveaway!

In case you are not clear about this contest. I am going to write a post here on the site. I will then ask a question. The only way to win this contest is if you subscribe. Because what I write here on the website also is sent to your email if you subscribe.

So, in about 1 day or so I am going to write a post with a question and when you see the question on the site here… don’t do anything, wait for the email to come. It may come fast or it may take a bit of time. Either way, when that emails comes to you, hit reply and give me the answer.

Don’t forget to subscribe if you are not already to win this 6 month club penguin free membership! There will only be 1 winner.

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6 Month Membership on Club Penguin – Free GiveAway

6 Month Membership (free membership)! Okay, everytime we give away a member ship or a coin code, we get 1 happy person and lots of complaints. But we will continue to do this as we want to help as many as we can even though it is just 1 time a month for things like this 6 Month Membership.


  1. Must be subscribed to our blog to receive updates when we add News, etc. (below is the subscribe form).
  2. I will write a News article announcing that within 2 days we will announce a winner
  3. Then, we will write another Article asking that if you are subscribed to our blog that the first person to answer a question correctly and replying to the email they receive from us will be the winner.

So, subscribe, wait for the announcement, wait for the Question and then reply to the email where the question is posted. By leaving a comment on the blog you will not win, you must reply to the email and you can only get that if you are subscribed:

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Last 1 Month Membership Giveaway for the Month of April

Well, lots of things have been happening on club penguin and a new party is coming soon! So who wants a free 1 month membership!

NOTE: I just wanted to say, that if you are able to get a membership on club penguin then let other people win!

Though I wish I could give away a ton of free memberships we can only do so much though. Maybe Disney will send me a bucket full one day because they just love our site!



Lets make it simple. Sometime within the next 24 hours I will post a membership number here on the site. If you want to make sure you don’t miss out, make sure you subcribe to our site to receive email updates:

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