Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Updates

Hi penguins, there is some new updates for Card-Jitsu. The Card-Jitsu Mat is now available to buy in the Martial Artworks catalog which can be accessed at the Ninja Hideout, it is available in the Better Igloos catalog to. Non-members are able to get in the Ninja Hideout now to. Continue reading “Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Updates”

Field Op 58 – EPF Cheats and guide

Hi Agents, alert there is a new Field-Op available! In this Field-Op you will have to sneak into the Fire Dojo, find the hidden signal and decode it. Sensei has gave us permission so it is OK. I can’t wait to earn my medal and be able to purchase items with it! Continue reading “Field Op 58 – EPF Cheats and guide”

Club Penguin Blog – This Week: New Igloo Items!

Hi Penguins, today Happy77 gave us a sneak of the new Igloo Items that are coming out in the Better Igloos Catalog and Upgrade Igloos Catalogues. I think it looks like a small Dojo and a Bamboo stick. What do you think it is? Continue reading “Club Penguin Blog – This Week: New Igloo Items!”

Card Jitsu: Game and Stamp Cheats

Hi Penguins, Card-Jitsu is one of the most popular games in Club Penguin where you battle Penguins and earn your Black Belt and defeat Sensei and then be able to enter Ninja Hideout. You can even earn stamps for Card-Jitsu and some are very hard! Continue reading “Card Jitsu: Game and Stamp Cheats”

Avalanche At the Dojo means Free Hard Hats

Today there was an Avalanche at the Dojo, it was almost completly destroyed! If you go to the Dojo pick up your hard hat (a club penguin free item) and then head up the ladder to the out side and find a secret penguin digging up the snow in efforts to restore the Ninja Studio.

How could this have happened! Maybe the storm caused this or maybe…