Avalanche At the Dojo means Free Hard Hats

Today there was an Avalanche at the Dojo, it was almost completly destroyed! If you go to the Dojo pick up your hard hat (a club penguin free item) and then head up the ladder to the out side and find a secret penguin digging up the snow in efforts to restore the Ninja Studio.

How could this have happened! Maybe the storm caused this or maybe…

Club Penguin Cheats and Secrets for Summer Party 2008

Okay, I just took a walk through and found 3 items that are free. This is the best summer party yet. I will later make a photo gallery of all the cool things I saw in case you miss it. But hurry, the free items won’t be there for long.

Club Penguin Free Item – Ice Cream Apron.

Go to the Plaza and click on the Apron Rack and get your free Ice Cream Apron.

Free Item - Ice Cream Apron

Club Penguin Free Item #2 – Yellow Inflatable Duck

Go to the Cove and look in the water to find the Yellow Duck!

Club Penguin Free Item # 3 Shell Necklace
Head on down to the beach and to the right of the little crab get your Shell Necklace