NEW CONTESTS for Club Penguin News?????

Thank you all once again for participating in our last Club Penguin News Contest.  So many of you had terrific answers to our questions but we could only choose a few of you.  Now we are thinking about a new contest.  All of you had such great ideas that we want to ask you another question.  What kind of contest would you like to see on Club Penguin?  Consider your answers carefully because we just might use your idea.  The prizes might be a little different this time also.  We may be offering Jitsu card codes or other items.  Get your answers to us soon because we would like to start our contest.  You never know what is going to happen on Club Penguin News so check back with us often.  You just might be our next winner!!!

More new contests for Club Penguin News!!!! How exciting!!!!

Card Jitsu Code Give Away

Okay, I am going to give the card number her for Card Jitsu on Club Penguin. What I want is for the true winner to let us know they won and what cards they got, if the winner does this then I will post 2 codes on Monday!

Here is the code (good luck): TCJ2 FZKZ 89RW NV9R

Here is what I got from another card code:


Card Jitsu Code Give Away

I had fun giving away the 6 month membership and I want to give a card Jitsu Code away. I will post it in the next day and it will be password protected.

In order to win you have to de-code the password. I will provide a clue and the answer to the clue is the password. So the first one to figure this out wins the code!

Here is the clue:
In Disney’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” What was the main characters name… figure that out and spell it correctly to win!

Visit The Dojo Secret Hideout To Learn a New Move


Okay, I got this message as I am sure most of you did as well. What I think when I read message like this;

“You are invisted to secret ninja hideout beside the dojo. I will be Teaching Ninjas a new special move. I may see you there!”

I think, I can go to the Hideout and see the new move! But I think I have to wait til July 3rd. Either way, I get to learn a new move but I may or may not see the Sensei! I think the new move is how to melt ice with heat vision from your flippers! What do you think?

Also, I said I would give away a Card Jitsu Code and I am… Here it is (good luck)…TCG2-RYMP-BVDV-GFHJ

Remember, this code works only 1 time and then its gone!

Card Jitsu code #6 (final code)

Okay, we decided here for the last code, we are not going to give away the last code, we are giving away 3 codes! So the race is on, to see if 3 different people can use the code on club penguin or if 1 person ends up using all 3. Let us know if you got it!

code 1: TCG2-RRTD-Y2JR-NZ9V
code 3: TCG2-RRK8-8TFL-HMCN

February Contest Results

We still have 6 card jitsu codes to give away! I have been waiting on our winners to reply but I guess they are busy!!! Are you? What I am going to do is post the codes here! Yes, each day until the next 6 days I will post 1 code until they are all gone. Will you be the first one to use it?

Remember each code can only be used 1 time:


If you used the code please leave a comment here and tell us what cards you got!

Quick Contest for Card Jitsu Code

NOTE: we already have a winner! It was announced the next day… our other contest is ending in December 15th.
Okay, we are feeling the Christmas Spirit here and want to give away a code for Card Jitsu. What this code does is allows you to add more powerful cards to your Card Jitsu Player. There are so many cool cards that you just have enter this contest.


Rules are simple. Answer the riddle and the first one to get it right will be the winner. Send your answers to us using our contact form. Rember, read the riddle, then go to our contact us page and send us the answer.


What do you have in December that you do not have any other month?

Good luck!