Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Updates

Hi penguins, there is some new updates for Card-Jitsu. The Card-Jitsu Mat is now available to buy in the Martial Artworks catalog which can be accessed at the Ninja Hideout, it is available in the Better Igloos catalog to. Non-members are able to get in the Ninja Hideout now to. Continue reading “Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Updates”

Better Igloos: March / April Edition

Better Igloos has added some new items to help celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! There are a some hidden items in the new section and the other hidden items are same as last month.

If you want to see the additional hidden items visit our previous post. Continue reading “Better Igloos: March / April Edition”

Better Igloos – New Items

Did you see the new Better Igloos? Raise your hands if you thought (huh! that’s it).

Okay, If you go to the Candy page and click on the 4 candy words you can get a Gingerbread House!  (Um, gingerbread… isn’t that bad for penguins)


Don’t forget about the Tree House (yeah, because penguins live in Trees!)


Secret Stone Igloo, click on the bent metal thingy so you can get the secret stone igloo! Hurray, it is a stone igloo. It is so, um, stoney.


Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo – Click on the door of the Deluxe stone igloo ot get a wider version of the stone catalog because it is more stoney!


April / May Better Igloos Catalog 2009

Club Penguin has just released the new “Better Igloos” Catalog for April / May 2009. There are many hidden items. Here are the hidden item cheats:

  • Wheel Barrel (click on the poodle plant)
  • Picket Fence (click on the garden item)
  • Disco Ball (click on the electric guitar shadow box)
  • Aquarium (click on the Pinata)
  • Ice Table (click on Koi Pond)
  • White Puffle (click on the words “puffle posters”








Club Penguin News – Some updates

There has been alot of things happening on club penguin recently and this is not the end! I wanted to highlight just a couple of things.

  • Quest For The Golden Puffle Play at the Stage – 1 Hidden Item (Crook & Flail)

Head on over to the stage, click on the Costume Trunk and then click on the “Golden Puffle” head to find the Crook & Flail.


  • New Better Igloos Catalog

Club penguin is releasing the new Better Igloos Catalog on April 17th, I hope they have a cool Costume where I can dress up like a Puppy Dog!


  • Midevil Party

A new Midevil Party is coming May 8th! Last year there was some very cool costumes like a dragon suite, king and queen outfits, knights, banners and more. I hope they have something new!


March & April Better Igloos Furniture Catalog Hidden Item Cheats

This month on Club Penguin, the New Better Igloos Furniture Catalog for March and April is here! There are some hidden items and here are the hidden item cheats:

  • Disco Ball
  • Aquarium
  • Green Birdhouse
  • Ice Table
  • Welcome Mat
  • White Puffle Poster








Better Igloos – November & December Catalog

Better Igloos on club penguin is selling Christmas items (though I would like to have seen a Turkey or a pilgrim).

There are some new items and as well as some hidden items. Here are the hidden Items

  • Leaning Tree
  • Music Stand
  • Welcome Mat