Secret Mission 8: Mysterious Tremors

This is a quick guide mission helper. If you have not figured out the mission on your own, please try to do so without this guide. This guide is for those of you banging your computer and you just can’t figure out how to complete the club penguin secret mission #8.
Step 1:
Start mission, you will see G and some items… grab the hat and hammer


Step 2:
Talk to G and find out your new mission.

step 3:
use your phone and teleport to the Dock and talk to Herbert the bear. There is a map that you need and Klutzy will cut it in half and it floats away.

Step 4:
after you talk to Herbert, grab the Green Lantern they left behind and add it to your inventory.

Step 5:
Head to your right a bit and click towards the coffee shop and watch the map do its thing.
NOTE: you will notice that part of the map is now on the letter N of the Nightclub sign.

Step 6: Go into the coffee shop and offer to clean up so you can get your free cookie. Make sure to click on the cookies on the floor and pick them all up. Add the cookie to your inventory

Step 7: Go outside and give the hat to the green puffle and give the puffle the cookie so he can use the super cool hat and knock the map half off the NightClub Sign. Add the map to your inventory.

Step 8: Head to the forts and follow the other map half to the flag pole. click the map and follow it to the plaza (pet shop area)

step 9: Now, the Green Penguin has a Newspaper and he has the map half too. So, talk to him and ask for it, he will say no.

Step 10: Go into the Pizza and order a pizza and add it to your inventory. Now go outside and give the pizza to the Green Penguin.

Step 11: add the newspaper to your inventory, then click the newspaper and it will give you the other half of the map. Add that half of the map to the other half so you have a complete map.

Step 12: Use your teleport to go to the Sports shop. There is a box of nails, grab those and add them to your inventory.

Step 13: Teleport to the light house, grab the net and then find the purple penguin and talk to him and grab a barrel to add to your inventory

Step 14: Teleport to the Dock, use the arrow keys to find the hole that Herbert dug with his drill and go inside

Step 15: Once inside, move the arrows until you see 2 caves and then click your map. This map will not be same each time. So read your map and follow the steps they tell you until you reach the door. Don’t forget to use your light.

Step 16: Use your phone to grab the wrench from your tools. There is a nut above the door that you must remove. Do not enter the door after you remove this.

Step 17: Yu will need to use the barrel, net, nails and hammer here. First grab the barrel, shake it up and put it under the door and the cream soda will make the door way go up (if you can’t place the barrel then you did not shake it enough), then put the net in the ceiling and then grab your nails and then hammer them in.

Step 18: Now you have fixed the Gift shop and there is a new cave in front of you to enter.

Enter that cave

Step 19: There is a hole in the wall to your left, enter that now

Step 20: Talk to Herbert the bear and click the top line of each option as they appear until he leaves and boiler is now in big trouble and you have to fix it…

Step 21: Your phone is ringing… answer it… Agent G will tell you to fix the boiler and to do this, click on the pipes that are shaking.

Step 22: Now, you have a puzzle to fix. If you click on 1 pipe and then another anywhere on that board, they will swap. You want to connect the lower right pipe all the way to the upper left.

Additional Mission: Before you head back to headquarters, go through the hole in the wall and take out your spy phone wrench and use it on Heberts vehicle to remove the Gear in the back.

Step 23: Answer your phone again, return to head quarters to receive your prizes.