6 Month Membership on Club Penguin – Free GiveAway

6 Month Membership (free membership)! Okay, everytime we give away a member ship or a coin code, we get 1 happy person and lots of complaints. But we will continue to do this as we want to help as many as we can even though it is just 1 time a month for things like this 6 Month Membership.


  1. Must be subscribed to our blog to receive updates when we add News, etc. (below is the subscribe form).
  2. I will write a News article announcing that within 2 days we will announce a winner
  3. Then, we will write another Article asking that if you are subscribed to our blog that the first person to answer a question correctly and replying to the email they receive from us will be the winner.

So, subscribe, wait for the announcement, wait for the Question and then reply to the email where the question is posted. By leaving a comment on the blog you will not win, you must reply to the email and you can only get that if you are subscribed:

Enter your email address:

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